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~ Kim Ravida, ACC, CPC   

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Clients Don't Pay for Coaching.  They Pay for RESULTS!

What People Are Saying About Allan "PersonaCoach" Mulholland

  • "Allan, you nailed it! There is certainly an art to creating value and enrolling a prospective client into coaching!" - Greg Clowminzer
  • "What an 'aha' moment! Allan's perspective allows me to be more inclusive towards attracting the clients who want my services." - Adrienne Gardner
  • "This book is very relevant to the problems that I have encountered and have seen other coaches experience as well." - Anthony J. Perez
  • "This book has invigorated me more than I ever was during my initial certification course. As a brand new coach your approach truly resonated with me and will help me become more professional." - Ginette Chandler
  • "Allan's point is 1500% right! People are looking for a different type of coaching!" - E.G. Sebastian
  • "I like Allan's approach!" - Susan R. Meyer
  • "Thanks Allan for putting things into perspective. I could not agree more!" - Ulla Wiegand
  • "I hope that Allan will continue to use his influence to promote a more pragmatic coaching approach. The coaching profession will benefit from such needed changes." - George Anderson
  • "Thank you for helping to move the coaching profession in a positive direction." - Rev Kevin T. Coughlin
  • "Brilliant! Great questions to ask ourselves as coaches and as individuals." - Beata Rydeen
  • "I totally get what you're saying. One thing really hit a bull's eye for me: 'Free Sessions Don't Sell". How you outlined the structure of the Initial Coaching Session (ICS) is priceless. I have copied it and put it in front of me whenever I do an ICS to remind me of the points I have to make. Excellent training for all of us! Thank you! - Susan James
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Here Are Some Of The Secrets That You'll Find Inside This Book!

  • How to Design Your Own Unique Signature Program - If you don’t have a Signature Program for your coaching practice, you will not be able to create the RESULTS your clients are looking for and generate the high-end coaching fees to provide you with the lifestyle of your choice! Your Signature Program acts as a template for all your coaching programs! I discuss this on page 107 of the book!
  • How to Change Your Perception of Coaching - What exactly is your perception about coaching in general and about your role as a coach in particular? If you’re perception of coaching does not match the reality of your current financial situation, you must either change that perception or become more realistic about your financial expectations. And here’s a hint of things to come! Changing your perception of coaching and creating the perception of a Results Coach will invariably create financial abundance! Results Coaches make more money. MUCH MORE! I discuss this in great detail on pages 23 – 27 of the book.
  • How to Create the RESULTS Your Clients Are Looking For - Before your clients can achieve the results they hired you for, you must help your clients to create a new persona that will allow them to become “the person who would be successful” at achieving their Desired Outcome! This subtle shift in your clients’ mindset will deliver amazing results! I will show you how to do this on pages 255 – 264 of the book.
  • How to Find Your Clients’ Restore Point - You must find a Restore Point for your clients from where they will follow a path to their desired outcome. It’s very important that you learn to recognize these “restore points” so that you will be able to “connect the dots” when assessing the best way for your clients to achieve their desired outcome! I talk more about Restore Points on page 56 of the book.
  • How to Develop a Unique Coaching Proposition (UCP) - Your Unique Coaching Proposition is what makes you stand out as a coach! It’s what makes you different from other coaches and earns you a special place in the minds of your clients. You’ll learn how to develop your own UCP on page 109 of the book.
  • How to Structure Your Coaching Practice - There are 10 steps to creating a results-driven coaching practice. I cover these 10 steps on pages 41 - 48 of the book.
  • How to Plug Into Your Clients’ Influencers - There are many people that will have some influence on your clients’ ability to achieve a desired outcome. As a coach, you must be able to identify these people and help your clients to align with their positive influencers, protect them from negative influencers and eliminate any “toxic” influencers! Influencers are covered on pages 243 - 253 of the book.
  • How to Calculate Your High-End Coaching Fees - There are five steps to “calculate” your high-end coaching fees. These 5 steps are outlined on pages 68 – 73 of the book.
  • How to Interpret Your Clients’ Cycle of Identity - If your clients want to change any outcome, they must first change their perception of that outcome. And it all starts with their Perceived Identity! Almost every client you work will suffer from some type of identity crisis as a result of their perpetual “Cycle of Identity”. The perception of “Who Your Client Is”, is responsible for the situation they are in. There are 4 stages to this cycle and they are outlined on pages 143 – 151 of the book.
  • How to Go Back to the Basics of Coaching - As a Results coach, you can transform people’s lives and help them achieve their Desired Outcome. And by creating massive value for your clients, you’ll be able to charge and justify your high-end coaching fees! On pages 51 – 56 of the book I take you back to the basics of coaching, for that’s where it all begins!

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